Let’s Create Your…

very own bespoke piece of furniture!


I love to help people feel great about their furniture.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with unusual furniture.

Creating beautiful one off transformations is what drives me every day. I love what I do and feel very fortunate that I can spend my time connecting people to that perfect dressing table, or drinks cabinet.

Personalised commissions are my speciality!

We work together on ideas to bring your vision into reality and create unique statement pieces.

Just a few examples

Shabby Chic

An aged, distressed look, giving it a country feel

Natural with paint

Enhancing the natural beauty of wood, with a touch of paint

Fresh and clean

Simple clean lines, creating a sharp look


Personalising your furniture, making it unique


Decoupage can transform plain furniture into bespoke 

Technique and material

Here is the how!

Making beautiful transformations does not happen by accident, it's a combination of tried and tested techniques together with imagination and high quality materials.
Racheal Glenn

Some of the excellent branded materials we use here at Labyrinth Treasures

Area of Expertise!

A fashionable but informal style of decoration that uses furniture and other objects that look old and used, not modern and new

Some furniture can look amazing when you combine painted parts with natural wood.

Modern home decor is often known for its clean lines and smooth finishes.

Stencilling is a quick and easy way of adding style to furniture. The key is choosing the stencilling method that fits your piece best.

Decoupage involves cutting out pictures, gluing them to your furniture and then coating with layers of varnish. The finished item can look so beautiful that it appears to be professionally painted.

Furniture is a blessing for me,  

When what you do in your working life brings you joy, then you have found your perfect career.

An old piece of furniture,

Maybe you have something which has sentimental value to you, passed down though the family. We can breathe new look into it,

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